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The Travel Guide to Vanuatu

tourism guide vanuatuThe travel guide to Vanuatu is the most comprehensive tourism guide ever published about Vanuatu.

Based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the tourism guide to Vanuatu gives precise, accurate and colourful information on tourism facilities and activities for every island in Vanuatu.

Over 1400 high resolution images of Vanuatu will give you an unparalled understanding of what to expect when you arrive. Plan your holiday with the very best information available. The Vanuatu guide is used by travel agents, travel training colleges, around the world. The Vanuatu Tourism Office, Air Vanuatu and Rocket Guides have distributed over 100,000 copies to travel professionals and the travelling public.

Vanuatu Hotels, Resorts and Village Accommodation on every Vanuatu Island. See exactly where the accommodation is located on a satellite image then zoom in to see big, full screen, high resolution images of the facility, including virtual reality images. You can even look right into the bathrooms - something you won't find on the Internet sites but very nice to know before you make a reservation. You'll find multimedia presentations on 41 hotels and resorts in Vanuatu, including:

The Vanuatu tourism guide is an encyclopedia of information about Vanuatu with information on:

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NOTE: If you are looking for the NAUTICAL Guide to Vanuatu click here.

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