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The Trourism Guide to New Caledonia

cruising guide new caledoniaThe travel guide to New Caledonia was designed as a complete introduction to New Caledonia's tourism industry for travel agents. The three provencial tourism offices of New Caledonia, and Rocket Guides, have distributed over 50,000 copies world wide.

Based on high resolution satellite and aerial photography, the tourism guide to New Caledonia is like a super-Google Earth. Viewed from a CD Rom, or run on your hard drive, you will have a complete intreactive encyclopedia about holidays in New Caledonia. No hunting through hundreds of websites to look at little tiny, fuzzy images. The Rocket Guide presents full screen and virtual realitity images to give you a very fast and to the point holiday planner.

The guide is in English, French and Japanese and covers all of New Caledonia, including the Loyalty Islands, and the Isle of Pines.

There are over 700 tourism facilities and activities shown on the travel guide with their exact geographic location, complete contact details and live email and website links.

The guide is in English, Japanese and French ( )

There is information on:


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NOTE: If you are looking for the NAUTICAL Guide to New Caledonia click here.

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cruising guide new caledonia

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