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You can download medium resolution (A4 @ 300dpi) images from our Vanuatu Photo Libraries and New Caledonia Photo Libraries for AUD$35 per image. This allows the person or company who downloads the image to use the photograph for personal or commercial publications published by that person or company.

We have all of these images in higher resolution suitable for magazine covers, double page spreads, and (for some of the images) images suitable for posters and banners up to 10 metres (they have been successfully used on 15m tour buses).

If you want the highest resolution version of any of our photos use the form below to email the links to the images in our photo libraries (copy and paste works best).

Use the following Button to pay for the number of images you wish to purchase, copy and paste the URL for the photos you wish have in high resolution in the form on this page along with your name and email address.

We will put the higest resolution files of the images into a zip file and send you the link so you can download it. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can FTP the zipped file folder directly to your FTP folder.

Photos you purchase and download from the Rocket Guide websites may be used for print media, on billboards or other structures or on internet web pages providing the copyright notice "photo ©Chesher" is placed near or on the image (this may be in very small type on the edge of the image).

On websites this credit must be a hyperlink to

There is no limit to the number of publications or web pages the image may be used on so long as the publications and web pages are produced by the person or company that purchased the images.

You may not give or sell the digital image(s) to anyone else for any reason. You may not re-distribute the high resolution images in digital form to a third party.

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